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Market Focus: Oil & Gas

Long-term reliability is a key to products used in the oil field. Working with leading oil industry suppliers, Innovative Polymers has developed a new MDI ester-based polyurethane that is tough enough to more than double the service life of cups and discs used on metal mandrel pigs and other molded parts. Innotuf® HP-1085 next-generation polyurethane has a low viscosity that allows mixing, molding and curing at temperatures well below required by "hot pour" TDI prepolymers. The cured material has good dimensional and UV stability, ultra-high abrasion resistance, and excellent oil and chemical resistance. Click here to learn more.

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About Us

Innovative Polymers specializes in providing technologically advanced polyurethanes for the toughest applications. Our technical support team welcomes the opportunity to partner with our customers in solving processing and performance challenges. If an existing product doesn’t meet project requirements our... » Read More